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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What can I expect?

My aim is for you to leave therapy having gained something. Together we will explore what brought you to therapy and what it is that you hope to get from therapy. I will incorporate different approaches and/or techniques tailored to meet your needs. We may decide to make changes to better suit your needs as therapy progresses and I will collaborate with you and welcome your input about our process, including what you find to be most (or least) useful.

How long are sessions?

Sessions last 50 minutes (the therapeutic hour) and are scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what we decide is best considering your circumstances. If clinically indicated shorter or longer sessions may be offered.

How much are sessions?

Individual 50minute sessions are £80.

Individual 90minute sessions are £140.


Why do sessions vary so much in price?

Practitioners choose their own fees, resulting in a range of rates. This is based on different factors including philosophical stance on fees, room rental costs, number of years and experience of the practitioner, and investments made such as years and cost of training(s).


How do I pay?

Sessions can be paid for on a session by session basis or monthly. If sessions are paid session by session then payment should be made on the day of the session, preferably before the session begins. If sessions are paid monthly this can be done at the start of the month (like a gym membership) or invoiced at the end of the month. Bank transfer is preferably, however cash will be accepted.


How many sessions should I have?

This is an important question that we can discuss early on in our sessions and can be reviewed as we proceed. I offer short and long term, fixed or open-ended sessions based on your needs.​

What if I need to cancel?

I use a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel after this time or miss a session, payment in full is expected to allow me to cover essential costs.

Where do sessions take place?

Currently I am offering in person sessions at Caya (Peckham) and online via Zoom.

How is therapy delivered?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in person sessions will be continuously reviewed and amended according to government guidance and in collaboration with the team at Caya. At present we do not require you to wear a mask in session but do kindly ask you to wash or sanitise your hands before and after the session. We disinfect each room before and after each session. We do not have a suitable waiting area so ask you to arrive on time. If you are early, there are cafes close by where you can enjoy a drink while you wait.

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